Размер пор и фильтр объекта микропористого мембранного фильтра

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Pore size and filter object of micro-porous membrane filter
Micro-filtration is a kind of precision filtration technology, its aperture is generally 0.1μm-10μm, which is between general filtration and ultra-filtration. The use of microfiltration is very extensive, from production to life, from gas to liquid, from filtering impurities to sterilization filtration.
The micro-porous membrane filter used in microfiltration is generally called: Filter element; water filter element; micro-porous filter element; micro-porous membrane filter element; folding/pleated filter element; micro-porous membrane filter.
According to the material, it can be divided into: PES Membrane (PES) folding-pleated filter cartridge; polytetrafluoroethylene filter cartridge; Nylon Membrane (N6/N66) folding-pleated filter cartridge; polyvinylidene fluoride membrane (PVDF) folding -pleated filter cartridge; mixed cellulose membrane (MCE) folding -pleated filter cartridge; polypropylene (PP) folding -pleated filter cartridge; Glass Fiber (GF) folding -pleated filter cartridge and so on.
According to the application and function called: liquid filter; gas filter; removal of impurities filter; removal of bacteria filter; liquid sterilization filter; gas sterilization filter, etc. .
Aperture size and filter object
Filter classification MEMBRANE PORE SIZE Filter Object
Coarse filtration 40-1000μm visible suspended matter, sand, impurities, etc
General filtration 10-40μm invisible suspended matter, particles, impurities, etc
Microfiltration 0.1-10μm bacteria, particles, impurities, etc
ULTRAFILTRATION 0.001-0.1μm PROTEIN and other macromolecular material cut molecular weight (10,000-tens of thousands)
Reverse Osmosis < 0.001μm molecular weight of metal ions and non-polar Salts (30-10,000)
Nano filtration 1-30nm cut molecular weight of polysaccharide, Amino acid, etc. (200-20000)
Common material size
Name of object Aperture Size: Micron (μm)
Hair 50-80
Metal particles rust 5-10
Sand >50
Clay 0.1-10
Pigment 0.2-0.4
E. Coli 0.7
Yeast 3
Bacteria 0.3-20
Charcoal 1-10
Mycoplasma 0.1
Charey > 0.5
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